Now retired Anastasia F2 Pomsky out of Anna and Shadow

Miss Maine Aim's Anastasia's Pedigree
Oh my Anastasia you just amaze us with all your beautiful babies.  Anastasia is a full sib to Rain and half Sibling to Willow and Hazel.  Mother of Moana, Becky, Snovia, and  Stella and many, many more great ones that are all across the USA and into Canada and the UK.  
Here is the link to her show video:
Here are Miss Maine Aim Anastasia's embark test results:
Hello beautiful!  Take a look at this sweet girl we raised, she is a daughter of Shadow and Anna's.  Anastasia has had some absolutely amazing pups! She is such a blessing!

  Just a few of Anastasia's and Aladdin's past puppies.