Rain is an F2 Pomsky out of Shadow & Anna

Isn't Rain just stunning, she is a full sib to Anastasia and half Sibling to Willow and Hazel.  Check out this beautiful wooly girl!  She is a s sweet as could be.  Rain's parents are Shadow and Anna who have raised some amazing babies and this is one we decided needed to stay with us.  She is so gorgeous and is very correct made we did show her in Pomsky Fest and she was second behind our little Cocoa.  We look forward to seeing how her puppies turn out, I'm sure they will be as beautiful as her!  Check out the bottom of the page for pictures of her and Major's previous litter.
Here is Rain's YouTube Show video link
Here is Rain's Embark test results

Pups from the last litter out of Major and Rain.

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