Meet The Border Collie

Our Border Collies

Border collies are great dogs for individuals, couples and families. When you are ready to find the perfect border collie puppies for sale, give Maine Aim Ranch Dogs a call. We are proud to be breeders of beautiful, energetic, and fun puppies who are all excited to meet their new families.
An extremely intelligent breed, border collies are often used as working dogs on farms, and they are highly trainable. They can be very fast and strong, which makes them excellent athletes. Since we started as border collie breeders, we have been impressed with our border collies’ performance in obedience and athletic competitions. Border collie puppies are also great fits for people with wide yards, farms or ranches where they can freely run, play and learn.
While border collies are not well known for their looks, their athletic skills and intelligence make them prized pups for families and farms. Whether you’re looking for a new farm hand for your operation or a new member of your family, a border collie will be right at home in your home.
Three of our favorite border collie puppy parents are Mocha, Dolly and Puzzle. While each dog has his or her own unique personality, each border collie from Maine Aim is healthy, happy and very well loved. For more information on each of our pups, click on the images below, or contact us today for more details about adding one of our border collies to your home.
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