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Time to buy your puppy food!

Hello New Puppy Parents !  

It's time for you to order the food. I have moved your puppy's food account over to your name!! Yipee!! Please do NOT delete this email. Please read this entire email before ordering so everything makes sense as I take diet, health and nutrition very seriously. pawTree is a 5 star rated food (grain free, holistic, with real meat as the #1 ingredient followed by fresh fruits and veggies with NO corn, NO wheat, NO soy, NO by-products or low quality fillers. etc..) and designed by PHD's in Pet Nutrition customized for your specific pup's needs. Once you place your order it will take approx 7-10 days to arrive.
Please watch this short 2 minute video that explains how your puppies customized food works. 
Side note: For the month of September Pawtree will donate enough pet food to feed one pet for a month for EVERY new paw club customer. This is Pawtree’s effort to support all PET and Parents affected by the hurricane Irma and Harvey. 
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You can buy all the items or just a few. Below I have listed the items I recommend, how much to give and what they do. You might want to grab a pen and write down which ones you want so when you go to the website it's easy for you to find exactly what your looking for.
I HIGHLY recommend the bundle PUPPY STARTER KIT cause it has everything you need. 
Chicken and Sweet Potato (5 star rated holistic food!!) -  $39.99

*pawPairings Turkey or Duck $14.99 (this is a YUMMY immune system vitamin that you shake once a day on the food. It works on a cellular level to build up the immune system which strengthens the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and help with proper growth development. This stuff is amazing for ALL stages of life and help keep your pet strong! 

* Wild Salmon Alaskan Oil $20.49 (this is for families that are into coat and skin health. Guaranteed to keep the hair soft and prevent dry itchy scratchy flaky skin. You WILL visually notice a difference in the hair/skin if you keep them on this.  Squirt once a day with the morning meal. (look at the back of the bottle to determine how much to give because it depends on the pets weight) They LOVE this flavor so I like to put it on the side of the bowl so they get to eat it directly (without it absorbing into their food) KEEP IN FRIDGE!! SHAKE BEFORE USING!

* Gastro Pro Plus $24.99 (this is a probiotic so it's amazing because puppies have sensitive tummies. Probiotics allow the puppy to absorb more nutrients from their food, reduces gas/tummy bloat and promotes healthy "tootsie roll" poopies. You sprinkle on the dinner meal (look at the back of the box to determine how much to give because it depends on the pets weight)   Another bonus is this really helps keep puppies tummies calm during the stress of travel, leaving the mom, and just adjusting from our home to yours. 
*Ear Wash and Ear Dry  $19.99 this has NO harsh chemicals! Tear free. Won't burn the ears or eyes. it deep cleans with a very gentle holistic approach. It also has a very slight thickness to it which makes ear cleaning a lot easier and less messy then most ear cleaners.
*Flea and Tick Spray $16.99 (if you live in an area with flea's and ticks then this is a must have! Amazing product! Smells great too!) ALL holistic and NO harsh chemical. Use with your current flea and tick preventative. Also GREAT to use when you go camping, hiking, out in the fields etc....has been known to repel misquotes as well! 
Treats are $14.99 and are made with REAL meat. REAL fruits. REAL veggies.That's it!! They put nothing else in their treats!! Puppies and dogs go CRAZY for them!!! There are 3 types of treats you can choose from.  

FREEZE DRIED TREATS are round and soft. (fun to crumble over mealtimes!)  
DRY ROASTED TREATS are basically strips of real meat dried and are PERFECT to break off small pieces for training!  YUM! 
LIVER TREATS are REAL liver (NOT flavored liver) so it has huge health benefits but because it's an organ it's rich so best to break off into tiny pieces.
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If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me. I'm happy to help you. Also, below is pawTree corporate's info in case you ever want to contact them directly about your order, questions on how to manage your account etc...
pawTree Contact Info:  
Located in Texas
Opened: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm CST
Please email me back as soon as you are done placing the order so I know you're all ready and prepared for the arrival!! Whoo hoo!!!