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Past Border Collie Puppies

The great dog that started All this love, Nikki!  This beautiful dark red and white dog was our great Nikki dog who came from Curtis Dukes.  She was as perfect as it gets, in our eyes.  She had a huge heart that showed in her eyes.  She was a brilliant cattle dog coming from bloodlines that have done a lot of winning at stock dog competitions.  She was taken from us way to young, she was hit on the road by a trailer...we all were absolutely broken hearted!  She only had one litter of pups and that is where Puzzle comes from.  She is equally as smart and keen with cattle.  Pictured with Nikki here is Tia as a pup out of the same mother but different father possibly, we are not sure?  Both males of Curtis' Jag and Chip had bred Nikki and Tia's mom Red at the time, Tia was conceived.  Tia is an awesome retired dog that we have raised many great pups out of, she has a huge heart also and great instinct.  We have kept back a daughter out of Tia and that is Dolly, you can look froward to seeing pups out of her in the next few years.



 Through the years we have raised some amazing pups!  Madison, Drew and I often talk about about how we have the greatest job in the world!  We love each one of them and want to share with everyone some of the pictures of the examples of the beautiful pups we have raised in the past.  Hope you enjoy looking through you can't help but smile (;

Here are some Border Collie pups out of Tia or Puzzle and Dallas.