Chet Male F3X Pomsky out of Tico & Steele born 1/31/2021 ready for new homes 3/28/2021

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Miss Tico Bred to Steele these babies will have some Eskimo in them born 1/31/2020 
Miss Tico and super stud Steele had an amazing litter they blessed us with 5 great puppies on 1/31/2021 and they will be ready for new home around 3/28/2021.  These babies will range in size from 13lbs to 20lbs estimated. Tico is 20lbs and Steele is 13lbs.  For more information read more below on Tico and Steele.  We always pray about where our puppies go and put it in God's hands to find their new homes. Deposit is $1000 and is non refundable and remainder is due a week before babies go home. We do sell breeding rights for an extra $3000.  If you need a flight for a pup we work with some great puppy flight nannies and the price is $500-700 depending on your location. The puppy nannies fly in cabin with the pup.
 We have been breeding Pomskies since 2014 and love being apart of creating this great breed!  We are members of the IPA and the POA and just recently started registering our dogs with the ARBA. These pups will be up to date on vaccinations and deworming and have a health check before they leave for their new homes.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in finding out more about these babies! 

Check out this amazing sweet girl Tico she is an out cross to our lines that we added to our pack to produce some babies with Steele and they will be preparing our now pomskies to eventually meet the requirements to become Arctic Spitz and eventually be accepted by AKC. In order to qualify to become a recognized breed by AKC a new breed has to be comprised of three breeds and right now we have chosen to add the IPA recognized and accepted breed American Eskimo. This is a very long term goal and will be a journey over 25 years to get to where the Arctic spitz will be recognized.  We have looked long and hard for the perfect dogs to add and we will only add top quality Arctic Spitz that will be not only be the most beautiful and great made but also we be very selective on temperament and clear of genetic diseases.  Tico definitely meets all of the requirements we are looking for and has tiny % of American Eskimo.  
Check out Tico Embark DNA Results here:
Meet Mr. Steele
He is an F2X pomsky meaning he has a tiny % of American Eskimo in him to help us achieve the third breed required to move forward to become a registered breed with AKC. We added Steete to our lines from Mile High's program and he is adorable!  He is weighing in at 13lbs and most of it is
Can't wait to see the babies out of this beauty the spring of 2020! 
Here is Champ's link to his show video on YouTube: