Earl Micro F3X Male Pomsky our of Kassi & Steele born 1/28/23 ready for new homes 3/25/2023

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Looks like this baby is going to have two blue eyes is what we are predicting at 4 weeks old.
Oh my look at these beautiful babies we were blessed with they are out of Kassi and Steele.  Kassi is about 14lbs and Steele is about 13lbs we expect these babies to range from 11-15lbs but we will know better as they grow.
Maine Aim's Kassi
Check out the amazing girl Kassi weighing about 15 lbs she is full siblings to Holly & Cocoa and I think you will agree they are amazing!  Shadow and Elsa have had some amazing babies over the years, but these three are incredible not just extremely gorgeous but they have the most amazing temperaments and are unbelievably smart!
Here is the link to Kassi's show video:
 Mr. Steele
He is an F2X pomsky meaning he has a tiny % of American Eskimo in him to help us achieve the third breed required to move forward to become a registered breed with AKC. We added Steete to our lines from Mile High's program and he is adorable!  He is weighing in at 13lbs and most of it is hair...lol
Can't wait to see the babies out of this beauty the spring of 2020! 
Here is Steele's link to his show video on YouTube: