***Keeping***Felicia F3 Female Pomsky out of Becky & either Champ or Steele born 4/8/2020 ready for new homes 6/3/2020

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Looks like Miss Felicia is going to have two brown eyes and be around 15-20lbs range she is charting to be at 2 weeks old.
On 4/8/2020 we welcomed one beautiful baby she is an F3 Pomskies out of Becky and Champ or Steele.  This puppy will be ready for her new home 6/3/2020.  She will be up to date on vaccinations, dewormed every two weeks and application for papering with the IPA. Becky is my Best of Show baby the won at Pomsky Fest 2019 she is such an amazing sweet girl that is my little shadow!  Becky weighs about 18lbs and Champ weighs around 8lbs and Steele weighs around 12lbs so we expect these babies to be mini pomskies. I will be testing this pup to see who the sire is.  For more information read more below on Becky and Champ or Steele.  We always pray about where our puppies go and put it in God's hands to find their new homes.  We do sell breeding rights for an extra $1000.  If you need a flight for a pup that is an extra $375.  We have been breeding Pomskies since 2014 and love being apart of creating this great breed!  We are members of the IPA and the POA and just recently started registering our dogs with the ARBA.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in finding out more about these babies!
This amazing girl is Becky is full sister to Stella, Moana, and Snovia once again you can sure see how great this line is! Becky won Best of Show Puppy and Best of Show overall at Pomsky Fest in March 2019.  She is my baby, everywhere I go she goes.  Miss Becky loves everyone and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.   We are excited about her upcoming litter spring of 2020.






Here are the pictures of Becky when she was a baby.
Next is Mr. Champ
This amazing little guy is an F2 Pomsky that we added from Lolipop Pomskies lines he is going to rock the Pomsky World!    

Meet this absolutely sweet boy Mr. Lollipop Champ of Maine Aim
He is weighing right around 7lbs and is just a character!  Can't wait to see his babies in the spring of 2020!




Finally meet Mr. Steele
He is an F2X pomsky meaning he has a tiny % of American Eskimo in him to help us achieve the third breed required to move forward to become a registered breed with AKC. We added Steete to our lines from Mile High's program and he is adorable!  He is weighing in at 13lbs and most of it is hair...lol
Can't wait to see the babies out of this beauty the spring of 2020!