***Sold***Ivar Odinson Nala Female F3 Pomsky born 9/1/2020 out of Anastasia and Champ ready for new homes 10/27/2020

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At 2 1/2 weeks old so far looks like Nala is showing to have two blue eyes like her mom!

Anastasia had her pups...look at these little gorgeous babies that God blessed us with on 9/1/2020!  They are out of beautiful Miss Maine Aim Anastasia which is about 28-30lbs. she is a F2 Pomsky and such a sweet, sweet girl.  Then their dad is Mr. Lollipop's Champ who is an amazing tiny boy weighing only 8lbs. and he is out of the famous pomsky stud Hazie that is owned by Cheyenne Kunzler at Lollipop pomskies.   He is such a fun light hearted boy that steals everyone's heart that meets him.  For more information read more below on Anastasia and Champ.  We always pray about where our puppies go and put it in God's hands to find their new homes.  We do sell breeding rights for an extra $3000.  If you need a flight for a pup that is an extra and you can choose $400 for cargo flight or flight nanny is $500.  We have been breeding Pomskies since 2014 and love being apart of creating this great breed!  We are members of the IPA and the POA and just recently started registering our dogs with the ARBA. These pups will be up to date on vaccinations and deworming and have a health check before they leave for their new homes.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in finding out more about these babies!

Here is this litter's Moma:
Oh my Anastasia you just amaze us with all your beautiful babies.  Anastasia is a full sib to Rain and half Sibling to Willow and Hazel.  Mother of Moana, Becky, Snovia, and Stella and many, many more great ones that are all across the USA and into Canada and the UK.  
Here is the link to her show video:
Here are Miss Maine Aim Anastasia's embark test results:
Hello beautiful!  Take a look at this sweet girl we raised, she is a daughter of Shadow and Anna's.  Anastasia has had some absolutely amazing pups! She is such a blessing!
Meet the daddy Mr. Champ
Meet this absolutely sweet boy Mr. Lollipop Champ of Maine Aim
He is weighing right around 7lbs and is just a character!  More on him on our Daddy's page.
Here is Champ's link to his show video on YouTube:
Here is Champ's link to embark: