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Ursella Female F2 Pomsky out of Becky & Major born 11/7/2020 ready to go 1/2/2021

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Looks like little Miss Ursella is showing to have 2 blue eyes at 3 weeks old that what we predict. Probably she is going to be in the 12-17lbs range we estimate.
Best of Show Becky and super stud Major blessed us with 4 amazing girls puppies on 11/7/2020 and they will be ready for new home around 1/2/2021.  These babies will range in size from 10 to 20lbs estimated and likely will have a wooly coat like mom and dad.  For more information read more below on Becky and Major.  We always pray about where our puppies go and put it in God's hands to find their new homes.  Deposit is $1000 and remainder is due a week before babies go home.  We do sell breeding rights for an extra $3000.  If you need a flight for a pup that is an extra and you can choose $400 for cargo flight or flight nanny is $500-650 depending on your location.  We have been breeding Pomskies since 2014 and love being apart of creating this great breed!  We are members of the IPA and the POA and just recently started registering our dogs with the ARBA. These pups will be up to date on vaccinations and deworming and have a health check before they leave for their new homes.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in finding out more about these babies! 

This amazing girl is Becky is full sister to Stella, Moana, and Snovia once again you can sure see how great this line is! Becky won Best of Show Puppy and Best of Show overall at Pomsky Fest in March 2019.    She also has won Best of Show Countless times in the online virtual shows through the ARBA in 2020. She is my baby, everywhere I go she goes.  Miss Becky loves everyone and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.   We are excited about her upcoming litter spring of 2020.
Here is the link to Becky's show video on YouTube;
Here are her embark results Becky does show to have 5.5% malamute but keep in mind embark claims to have a small margin of error chances are her pups won't show any malamute in them:





Mr. Major, Read more about him of The Daddy's page
he is an F1 and he will melt your heart so be prepared!  
This sweet boy is producing some amazing babies!  Check out some of his babies  under the last picture of Major, more like this to come!
  Major's DNA Embark results