Wren Female F2 Pomsky out of Bell & Major born 12/30/19 ready for new homes 2/24/20

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Here is the link to the 7 week video of just Wren.  
Here is the link to the 7 week video of everyone 
Here is the 6 week old puppy video link
Here is the 5 week old puppy video link

Here is the link to the video we did of wren at 4 1/2 weeks old


Meet beautiful Miss Wren she is an amazing little girl that looks like she is showing to have two brown eyes. She is charting right now to be under 15lbs but will know better as she grows and we can't guarantee eye color or size as this can change as they grow.

Here is the DNA Embark results for Miss Maine Aim Bell
Mr. Maine Aim Major's DNA Embark results https://my.embarkvet.com/dog/mrmaineaimmajor

Check out this amazing litter that our sweet little Bell and Major had on 12/30/19.  Bell is a sweet girl that can't give enough kisses!  They have had amazing babies in the past and we can't wait to see them grow.  Bell is about 22lbs and Major is 11lbs so we expect these babies to range from 11-22lbs but no guarantees.  We will have a better prediction as they grow.  They will be up to date on Vaccinations and deworming.  They will be registered with the IPA and POA approved.  Message me if you would like details on one of these babies, we always pray about where each and everyone of our pups go and put it in God's hands that He provides the perfect family for them.  If you would like breeding right on one of these it is $1000 extra and we do ship if needed.