Retired Pomskies

These pomskies are among the greatest in the world and gave us a great start to our program.  They all live with new families now and are enjoying many adventures!  We love them dearly!
To start off the retired page we want to honor Mr. Shadow and Mr. Major without these two Legendary boys our Pomskies would not be as great as they are today!  
Mr. Shadow(Retired)
is our amazing F1 Pomsky that we produced her at Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies.  He is out of Skyla and Kaluha.  Shadow is a legend!  In the Summer of 2018 he won Best of Show Opposite Sex at the first ever International Pomsky Virtual Show. He also won Award of Merit at Pomsky Fest March of 2019.  We are so pleased with the pups he has produced for us.  His daughter Miss Maine Aim Holly also won Best of Show in her division and another daughter Cocoa won Best of Show at the Spookacular online Pomsky Show in October 2018.
Here is Shadow's link to his show video on YouTube:
Retired Mr. Major,
he is an F1 and he will melt your heart so be prepared!  He is joining our Pomsky team and we are excited!
This sweet boy is producing some amazing babies!  Check out some of his babies  under the last picture of Major, more like this to come!
Here is Major's link to his show video on YouTube:

Miss Maine Aim Elsa was one of the first female Pomskies we ever kept back from our program.  All of of our beautiful pomskies either go back to her or her sister Anna!

Elsa here is results for the Embark results for Elsa's DNA

Meet Miss Elsa the F1 pomsky out of Star and Owen.  Elsa is a sweet little girl that is bouncy and loves everybody.  She has one hazel eye and one blue eye.  She weighs about 16lbs full grown.  


Miss Maine Aim Anna was one of the first female Pomskies we ever kept back from our program.  All of of our beautiful pomskies either go back to her or her sister Elsa!

Here is Anna's embark DNA test results

Meet our sweet Anna she has produced some amazing babies and our great lines can be attributed to her and her sister Elsa and Shadow.  Anna has a beautiful nature and loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed.  She has beautiful hazel eyes and a smile that will melt your heart!    Anna is so enjoyable to be around.  Anna weighs around 20 lbs.  She has now been spayed and is looking for her perfect home.  She is great with kids and all people that we have ever seen her around.  She is perfect for farm life if she could find one.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions 641-344-5548 or email

Miss Maine Aim's Anastasia's Pedigree
Oh my Anastasia you just amaze us with all your beautiful babies.  Anastasia is a full sib to Rain and half Sibling to Willow and Hazel.  Mother of Moana, Becky, Snovia, and  Stella and many, many more great ones that are all across the USA and into Canada and the UK.  
Here is the link to her show video:
Here are Miss Maine Aim Anastasia's embark test results:
Hello beautiful!  Take a look at this sweet girl we raised, she is a daughter of Shadow and Anna's.  Anastasia has had some absolutely amazing pups! She is such a blessing!

Miss Maine Aim's Holly's Pedigree

Here is Miss Holly's show video link on YouTube:
Here is Miss Maine Aim Holly's DNA Embark report
Check out this LITTLE beauty she is 7lbs and in a class of her own.  She is Madison's little shadow and they love each other dearly!  Madison trained and used her in obedience in 2018 and they did amazing winning Champion at everything at our county fair except they won reserve in agility.  At the Iowa State Fair she was reserve in Obedience.  Then Holly went on to win Best of Show in her division at the first International Pomsky Virtual show in summer of 2018.  


Miss Maine Aim's Rain's Pedigree
Isn't Rain just stunning, she is a full sib to Anastasia and half Sibling to Willow and Hazel.  Check out this beautiful wooly girl!  She is a s sweet as could be.  Rain's parents are Shadow and Anna who have raised some amazing babies and this is one we decided needed to stay with us.  She is so gorgeous and is very correct made we did show her in Pomsky Fest and she was second behind our little Cocoa.  We look forward to seeing how her puppies turn out, I'm sure they will be as beautiful as her!  Check out the bottom of the page for pictures of her and Major's previous litter.
Here is Rain's YouTube Show video link
Here is Rain's Embark test results

Miss Snovia will go down in history of producing some of the biggest pomsky litters and they all were beautiful!
This beauty is full sister to Becky, Moana, and Stella you can sure see how great this line is out of Anastasia and Aladdin!  Miss Snovia is a sweetheart, she is so light hearted and loves to sneak kisses.  We are excited about her upcoming litter spring of 2020.
Here are her embark results:
Miss Maine Aim Lacy
Check out this little Lavender dolly!  She is an F3 Pomsky out of Moana and Major.  Little Lacy is about 8lbs and is going to be an amazing pomsky momma.  
Here is the link to Lacy's show video: 

We add this little beauty Ariel and her sister Tesla to our program summer of 2020 and both are amazing little girls that have such great temperaments.  These girls will be outcross lines to our program and we look forward to what they will produce.  Ariel belongs to Madison and she and Madison are a perfect fit as they both like to cuddle and stay on the safe side of adventures!  Ariel is sweet and cuddly and is a little princess.  Here is Miss Ariel's Embark DNA results: