Upcoming Litters

We are looking forward to unveil our much anticipated fall lineup of Pomsky litters ready in time for Christmas. We can't wait to see what the season brings, and we are expecting a wide variety of precious pomskies to choose from, including cute toy/micro, charming minis, and beautiful standards all in a variety of colors. These little bundles of joy will warm your hearts and make this holiday season extra special!

We are expecting Micros & Minis out of Miss Pixie & Rookie

(Micros up to 15lbs and Minis 15-25lbs)

Miss Pixie F2 Pomsky out of Carmel and Haize

Pixie is a tiny little micro sweetheart that is a black & white girl wieghing about 12lbs.   She has a longer plush coat and is supper soft.


Rookie my Boy

This beautiful blue micro boy is out of our amazing Kassi and then our sweet boy that has produced so many great pups Major.  Rookies weighs in around 10-11 lbs and is just gorgeous!


We are expecting Micro & Minis out of Miss Lucy & Icon

(Micros up to 15lbs and Minis 15-25lbs)

Lucy F2 Pomsky out of Moana and Major

Lucy is a stunning dark chocolate or red Mini girl weighing in at around 16lbs.  She has an amazing temperament and is such a joy to be around!  


Icon out of Haize & Raven

Isn't this boy NEAT he is a great mini male that won Best of Show Dog at Pomsky Showdown 2023!  Icon is weighing in at around 18lbs. This boy has an amazing panel and carries 2 copies of blue eyes! 


We are expecting Micros & Minis out of Miss Aspen & Summit

(Micros up to 15lbs and Minis 15-25lbs)

Aspen Rare Blue F3 Female out of Hazel & Champ

This little girl is beautiful inside and out she is a rare blue mini girl out of Hazel & Champ and we love her to death.  She weighs about 18lbs and is so loving and egger to do what ever we ask her to.  We look forward to her show career and can't wait to see the beautiful babies she produces.  http://embk.me/aspenhazelspup?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark 


Check out this amazing mini boy Summit he is 18lbs of complete beauty inside and out! This boy is out of Kassi(Shadow x Elsa) and Steele. He is my buddy has an attitude just like his daddy.


We are expecting Micro's out of Miss Autumn & Champ

(Micros up to 15lbs)

Autumn F3X Pomsky Female out of Lucy & Steele

Check out the gorgeous little beauty Autumn she is a daughter of Steele & Lucy(Moana x Major). Little Miss Autumn is a tiny little Micro thing weighing 10lbs and she is just so sweet!  She is full sisters to Sassy and they are like two peas in a pod!  We are excited to see the babies these two girls produce.


Mr. Champ

This amazing little Micro guy is an F2 Pomsky that we added from Lolipop Pomskies lines he is going to rock the Pomsky World!  He is weighing right around 7lbs and is just a character!  Can't wait to see his babies in the spring of 2020!

Here is Champ's link to his show video on YouTube:https://youtu.be/5QAzpFx8ScY


We are expecting Micros & Minis out of Miss Mocha & Steele

(Micros up to 15lbs and Minis 15-25lbs)

Mocha Rare Lilac/Lavender F3 Girl out of Snovia & Major

This incredible little Micro Rare Lilac girl is so fun.  She is the character in the pack and she is always making us laugh.  This beautiful girl weighs about 15lbs and we are looking forward to the amazing babies she will produce.


Mr. Steele

He is an F2X pomsky meaning he has a tiny % of American Eskimo in him to help us achieve the third breed required to move forward to become a registered breed with AKC. We added Steele to our lines from Mile High's program and he is adorable! He is a Micro/Mini weighing in at 13-16lbs and most of it is hair...lol  

Here is Steele's link to his show video on YouTube:https://youtu.be/kvQLrwfRUsE