Upcoming Litters

Exciting things happening 2019! Everyone decided to come in at once....Think we are going to be busy!!! 

Pure Bred Corgi puppies are coming out of Delilah & Ranger around 10/9/19



Cocoa and Major are due to have Pomsky puppies F2 babies 10/24/19



Anastasia and Aladdin are due with their F3 litter of Pomsky Puppies 10/31/19. 


Miss Holly & Mr. Champ are due to have F3 Pomsky puppies around 11/2/19.



 Horgis (Husky x Corgi) due out of our beautiful Shira PB Husky and our Pure Bred Corgi Ranger due 11/2/19



Pure Bred Border Collies out of Mocha & Miles Due 11/4/19








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