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Daddy's Page

These are our beautiful boys!  We love them beyond imagination!


Mr. Dallas is one of our sweet and smart Blue Merle PB Border Collie sires.  He has a loving attitude that is will do to whatever you ask him to.  Some may just think he is eye candy but he has brain to go with his beauty.  He has sired some gorgeous and smart pups through the years, whether it is PB Border Collie or Borskies(Husky cross) or Borgies(Corgi cross) he stamps them with his beautiful eyes and hair coat and brains.  We have had many, many, many happy customers through the years!

Mr. Cash is our other PB Border Collie male.  He is our main cow hand, is super smart and obedient.  Loves to please a person in every way, in everyday.  we will be breeding him in the future to Dolly and Mocha.


Mr. Bullet is our wonderful and loving little Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  He is Mr. Clean and Mr. Cool, he hates to get dirty and hates his pen to get dirty.  He has a sweet temperament and is a pleasure to be around.  He is Drew's little dog and loves to hang with him.  He just brings a smile to your face every time you see him! 



Mr. Pistol PB Corgi that goes back to a little bit of Cardigan Welsh Corgi and that is where he got the beautiful color and blue in his eyes.  He is a great dog that has a wonderful temperament and we are excited to see his babies.  He will be breeding him to Rose who is pictured beside him.





Mr. Shadow our Pomsky that we will eventually use to breed to Our two Pomskies that we raised and the occasionally to our Huskies to produce 75%-25% Pomskies.




Meet our new addition Mr. Major and he will melt your heart so be prepared!  He is joining our Pomsky team and we are excite!

 Mr. Checkers our other sweet Pomeranian male we will use for Pomskies.  He is sure to  throw some beautiful babies!  He loves me and is my little buddy and is never hardly out of my site, no matter where I am.  He is so beautiful and unique.  He is one of a kind!




 Then we recently added Khemo Sabe AKC Pomeranian