Daddy's Page

Mr. Champ
This amazing little guy is an F2 Pomsky that we added from Lolipop Pomskies lines he is going to rock the Pomsky World!    
Meet this absolutely sweet boy Mr. Lollipop Champ of Maine Aim
He is weighing right around 7lbs and is just a character!  Can't wait to see his babies in the spring of 2020!
Here is Champ's link to his show video on YouTube:
Here is Champ's link to embark:
 Mr. Steele F2X
He is an F2X pomsky meaning he has a tiny % of American Eskimo in him to help us achieve the third breed required to move forward to become a registered breed with AKC. We added Steele to our lines from Mile High's program and he is adorable!  He is weighing in at 13lbs and most of it is
Here is Steele's link to his show video on YouTube:
Mr. Icon F3 out of Haize & Raven
Isn't this boy NEAT!  
This baby is so cool he is out of Raven and Zeus he has some great genes and we are so excited to see some babies out of him in 2023!
This boy has an amazing panel and carries 2 copies of blue eyes!
Silver "Fox"
Check out this super cool boy Silver "FOX"
This boy is 6lbs of adorableness! We added him fall 2022 and he comes out of A Dream Pomskies lines going back to Louis and Ashka.  We are excited to see the babies this little guy will produce!
Here is his embark:
Summit(Logan) F3X
Check out this amazing boy Summit he is 18lbs of complete beauty inside and out! This boy is out of Kassi(Shadow x Elsa) and Steele. He is my buddy has an attitude just like his daddy.
Meet Mr.Flash F2
Check out this little Micro boy! This little guy we brought in from SZ Pomskies lines and he is out of Hodge & Lux.  He is such a cuddle little soft teddy bear.  Flash is weighing in at around 7/8lbs so we are looking forward to the amazing babies he will produce.
Here is his embark results:
Mr. Ranger
is our wonderful and loving little Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  He is Mr. Clean and Mr. Cool, he hates to get dirty and hates his pen to get dirty.  He has a sweet temperament and is a pleasure to be around.  He is Drew's little dog and loves to hang with him.  He just brings a smile to your face every time you see him!
Here is Rangers Embark results:
Meet Wrangler PB Corgi
This cool rare blue PB Corgi is such a sweet boy!  We look forward to seeing what the Siborgi puppies look like out of him!