Meet the Pomsky

Our Pomskies

Pomskies are a fairly new hybrid breed of dog. As pomsky breeders, we breed Siberian huskies with Pomeranians at Maine Aim Ranch Dogs, giving us great pomsky puppies that bring out the best of both breeds.
Pomsky puppies tend to look like miniature huskies. They love playing in the snow, and we even hook their parent huskies up to sleds. Both huskies and pomskies have very thick fur that allows them to withstand extreme temperatures, so they truly can thrive in cold weather. Our pomsky puppies for sale also retain the husky trait of being great with kids.
Pomeranians, unlike huskies, are small and dainty, featuring tiny faces and plenty of fluffy fur. When pomskies are young puppies, you can definitely recognize their cute Pomeranian features. They inherit the Pomeranian energy and enthusiasm, and they love running around and exercising.
Most of our pomsky puppies for sale are very friendly and love attention. Unlike tiny Pomeranians, however, pomskies puppies grow up to weigh about 20 pounds when fully matured.
Learn more about our pomsky parents by clicking the images below, or give us a call today to learn more about upcoming litters and current pomsky pups available.
Maine Aim Ranch Dogs: Pomsky Breeders Skyla the Husky 
Star Siberian Husky                             Skyla Siberian Husky         
Pomsky laying down
Both Elsa and Anna are daughters of Star's and Owen's they are F1 Pomskies which will be bred to Shadow.
Meet Shadow who is out of Skyla and Kaluha he is a F1 Pomsky Sire with two almost total blue eyes.
Shadow Standing Up
Sassy the Pomsky 50/50% 
Click on picture to be taken to the available puppies out of these dogs!
Meet our two new additions that we will be breeding when they come of age.
Checkers the Tri-Colored Pomeranian    Checker the PomeranianCheckers
Finally meet Checkers.
He is a AKC Pomeranian we breed him to Star and Skyla to produce F1 generation Pomskies.  He is such a sweet guy and never met anyone that he couldn't steal their heart!