Puppy Contract & here is some of the things we recommend to buy and have ready for your new puppy.

Please download and complete the buyer contract below once you have decided to purchase a puppy. You can either email it back to us at maineaim@grm.net or mail a hard copy to: 1250 King Road, Allerton, IA 50008

Contract must be signed and delivered back to us before you take your puppy home. 


This is a new product that I have heard wonderful things about!  The Halo collar and an app can set a perimeter fence that allows your dog to go out side and stay in your yard.  Training has to be done first to get the pup used to the invisible perimeter but I think this is a great idea!  There are other brands you may want to do your research but this one I know a family that owes a husky and it keeps them in all day while they are at work.


Here is the food that we have the puppies on and Chews we recommend you can buy both of these at Walmart


Puppy Prep from Baxter&Bella 


We use string cheese for puppies but adults we use dried liver a lot.

Here are some ideas of fence we recommend and how to setup a safe space


Washable pee pads

Training tip:  Cesar Millan YouTube Video

3 to 5 months the challenge to train boundaries and to not bite is crucial this is a great video on how to teach this 


Great video on understanding a dogs mind Cesar Millan


For the best harnesses for Pomskies visit

Here is a great chart for potty training puppy


Here are the toys we recommend you can but at Chewy.com



We use Dawn Dish soap to wash puppies and then this conditioner you can buy at Walmart and the brush we sell.