Pomsky Showdown

Hello ever pomsky lover out there!  We have some exciting news!  It has been a while now since we have been out to show our Pomskies, and I think it is long over due!  We absolute love these beautiful dogs and they have touched so many families’ lives.  This is why we have decided to host the first Pomsky Showdown located at Wayne County Fair Grounds in Corydon Iowa on May 29th-31st.  This will kick off what we are hoping will be series of Pomsky Shows that will not only help to promote our incredible breed but also give us all a chance to celebrate this great breed.  

Eventually, the plan is to host 5 shows, in which the Champions will qualify to show at Pomsky Showdown held in Iowa.  There will be a meeting held at the Pomsky Showdown that will lay out the plan and if any breeders and pomsky owners would like to volunteer to put on and help with one in their are we will be setting this up at the meeting.  Basically we will be dividing the USA up into 5 sections, and a Pomsky Showcase show will be held in each section throughout the year, the champions will qualify like mentioned earlier to show at the Pomsky Showdown.

There will be more details added on my website www.maineaimranchdogs.com on the Pomsky Show page, we will start adding details about what the show is all going to entail, classes, and fun classes also.  I will also be adding a schedule of events and details about where to stay and there are also camper hookups on the grounds as well.  I hope this will be a great time of breeders and owners also to getting together to share their love for the breed and will help to get the word out about these amazing dogs.  

Pomsky Showdown 2023 Watch for more details & Entry Forms

Location: Wayne County Fair Grounds, Corydon IA www.maineaimranchdogs.com

Date: May 29th-31st Pomsky Show Page

Contact: Karen McCullough     641-344-5548

1250 King Rd. email: maineaim@grm.net

Allerton IA. Facebook page @Pomskyshowdown


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