Welcome to Maine Aim Ranch Dogs

Pomsky, corgi, and border collie puppies make great pets. They love playing, they are wonderful with kids, and they are as cute as can be! The pomsky, corgi, and border collie puppies for sale at Maine Aim Ranch Dogs are looking forward to meeting their forever families.

Our pomsky, corgi, and border collie puppies get to start their lives on our beautiful ranch in southern Iowa. Border collies are traditionally great working dogs and herding dogs, and they get plenty of experience playing with the livestock on our ranch. Our Pembroke corgi puppies usually do not go on to be working dogs, but become great additions to happy families. Corgis tend to be shorter than border collie puppies, but they certainly make up for their small size with enthusiasm and energy.  The pomskies are just a great combination between the husky and the Pomeranian.  They are sweet and loving are the perfect size.  

When you take home one of our pomskies, corgi, or border collie puppies, you can be confident that your new member of the family will be friendly and healthy and ready to join your home. Take a look at the current puppies we have available, or contact us today for more information.