Advice for Naming Your Puppy

Advice for Naming Your Puppy

Advice for Naming Your Puppy

If you have a hard time picking out clothes, shoes, a new car, or anything else, chances are you’ll have a hard time naming your puppy. Some people make decisions quickly and easily, while the vast majority struggle with answering the big questions of life, like “What are you going to name your new dog?”

What are some tips for naming your puppy? Here are some ideas to get you thinking...

 Naming a Puppy

For starters, consider giving your dog an “old person’s name” that stands out from the names of young kids today. For instance, have you ever thought of names like Agatha, Enid, Flora, Gene, Fred, or Walter? Go for something “antique and unique” that’ll stand out.

What about stuff you remember from your childhood? Be nostalgic and think about what you grew up with and who you grew up with… maybe it’s a character from a favorite book or the name of a TV character from long ago. Names like Goose, Boo, Rags, Gidget, or Gilligan could work. Do you admire someone famous? Maybe use their name-- here “Tina Turner.” Or even consider famous TV dog names-- like Lassie-- among your choices.

Ok, what about the color of your puppy? “Colorful” names like Brownie, Cocoa, Sienna, Inky, or Snowflake are some ideas. Does your puppy have any interesting features like stripes or spots? A spotted dog named Spot makes sense. Is your dog going to always be tiny or will it grow up to be huge? Names like Tiny and Biggie make sense depending on their ultimate size.

People also choose puppy names with their favorite places in mind (Brooklyn, Paris, Phoenix), their favorite foods (Apple, Peaches, Pizza!), and/or the name they wanted to give their kid-- if they had had one.

Finally, think about a dog’s personality. You’re liable to come up with good names based on how your dog acts and looks-- names like Happy, Skip, and Cuddles could work.

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