Things to Know About the Pomsky Breed

Things to Know About the Pomsky Breed

Things to Know About the Pomsky Breed

If you don’t know what a Pomsky dog is, then here’s the explanation: it’s the look of a Husky combined with the body of a Pomeranian. Therefore, a Pomsky is pretty much a Pomeranian Husky.

Lifespan and Growth Averages

Pomskies typically live between 13 and 15 years. They’re known to be quite intelligent but may have their parents’ temperaments, making them slightly harder to train than other dogs. Their double coats feature long and silky hair. Therefore, it’s smart to brush them daily during shedding season-- which accounts for about 6 months of each year. Otherwise, their coats need brushing a couple times a week.

A typical Pomsky stands about a foot tall and weighs about between 20 and 30 pounds as an adult.

Exercise and Dietary Needs

As for exercise, Pomskies do well with a 20-minute walk in the morning followed by a 30-minute walk later in the day. They’re playful, so one or two play sessions daily is important to their overall health and well-being. These are not dogs you just ignore! They like to keep busy and do well living with active, attention-giving families.

Pomskies eat typical dog food in moderate quantities. Thankfully, they’re not too fussy and they generally don’t have “special diet requirements.”

Other Interesting Pomsky

If you think that Pomskies are and easy to find, think again-- they’re a relatively new mixed breed, created by pairing a Pomeranian father and Husky mother together using artificial insemination. As such, be sure to only by a Pomsky from a trusted breeder.  

Pomskies do well in snow. They have thick fur so they can handle cold climates. If you’re wondering, “Are Pomskies great with kids?” the answer is… Yes! Pomskies are energetic, enthusiastic dogs who enjoy running around-- so they pair well with little kids who have boundless energy. All in all, Pomskies like attention and are considered very friendly pets.

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