Interesting Facts About the Collie Breed

Interesting Facts About the Collie Breed

Interesting Facts About the Collie Breed

Quick-- what are three adjectives to describe the Collie breed of dogs? How about “devoted,” “graceful” and “proud?” Perhaps TV’s Lassie is the world’s most famous Collie, but get this: the AKC (American Kennel Club) ranks the breed at 37 of 194 for breed popularity, so there’s a good chance a person you know who owns a dog has a Collie. Go ahead-- ask around and check your network on Facebook or Instagram or other social media sites and see who has a Collie. They’re beautiful and beloved pet dogs! They do well with all ages, including kids and seniors. If you’re looking for a friendly dog, get a Collie.

What are some facts about Collies?

Interesting Collie Facts

Typically, males stand about 25 inches tall and weigh around 70 pounds when full grown, while females are 23 inches tall and 60 pounds. A Collie’s life expectancy is about 12 to 14 years.

Collie colors may include blue merle and white, as well as white with sable, tricolor or blue merle markings. Coats come in two varieties: rough (long/harsh textured) and smooth (short, dense, and flat). With abundant undercoats, most Collies have a traditional white collar called a blaze. Collies shed and need weekly brushing.

Collies are herders. They descended from livestock-tending ancestors, most likely in England and Scotland. Their name, Collie, comes from The Celts (of Ireland), who loved using them as herding dogs way back then, giving them the name Collie, which means “useful” in their ancient language.

In England, Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1837 until 1901, loved Collie dogs, and that love helped ensure the breed’s popularity. Then, in 1940, Eric Knight wrote a book called Lassie Come Home, which was about a heroic Collie in action. That book turned into movies and a TV show, further ensuring that Collies were popular even up to now… most people know who “Lassie” was/is if you ask ‘em, even in 2018.

Did you know Lassie is one of a small group of famous dogs with their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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